The Book

Many times in life, barriers come up that stop all the positive momentum and energy that we build up. We feel weak and like we are in life just to survive. It is the goal that in reading Faith in the Park people will build strength and share joy with others to make life easier by being more open to sharing inspirational stories, personal journeys, philosophies and messages.

Life is growth. We grow from sharing, learning and understanding one another through shared experiences. By presenting many viewpoints, opinions and options we allow for movement in a direction that aligns well to our own individual needs and desires. Positive orientation is key. Remaining positive will ensure we move in a direction that maintains our cycle of growth.

If we are not growing we are not living. Life is all about growth, growth is messy and non linear it has no guarantees, just the guarantee of movement, activity and energy. We can with a certain degree of success tend to our growth by setting boundaries and mechanisms in place to confine our self to a certain direction in an effort to control outcomes over a period of time. However, long term we are going to grow in the direction as defined by our environment and the nature of the stimulus within.

The idea of Faith in the Park is to share joy with others.

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